Store Training and Quality Checks

Store Training and Quality Checks

To ensure the smoothest operation and the best customer experience we always strive to provide the best training and are always inspecting our restaurants for their quality.

When opening a franchised restaurant with our brand, we offer our partners opening support, where two or three of our trainers go to the location and train employees at the restaurant.

Our goal is to help support the restaurant get up and running, ensuring that the operations will continue to run smoothly. Our trainers typically stay for 2 weeks and teach everything required to run the operation.

We also offer quality inspection by our supervisors on a regular basis after opening. Our supervisor will visit the restaurant and check the quality of food and service is maintained and give any feedback on improvement. We have our inspection sheet to visualize what is good or needs to be improved, so it is easy for management and staff to understand.

Sales are obviously very important; however, we really focus on QSC at the restaurant. And better QSC attracts more customers.