Mission and Values

Mission and Values

At Machida Shoten our vision is “Giving people around us happiness from myself” and our vision is to deliver happiness to people around us without vitality, Smile and our 9 values:

Extreme Quality
We pursue quality in order to provide you with a taste that you can always say, "It's always good!

Hot items are served hot, cold items are served cold. We serve products to customers promptly.

We always welcome our customers in a clean and pleasant space.

Energetic Smile
We make eye contact with our customers, and present them with our fullest smiles and enthusiasm.

As professional craftsmen, we do not cut corners in any one process. and continue to perform at the highest level.

Attention to Detail
We value the distance between us and our customers. We create a store where you can feel the attention to detail and care.

By embodying our seven We create extraordinary spaces that captivate our customers.

In order for customers to think of us as "my favorite regular store," we not only memorize faces and tastes, but also warm our hearts and bodies with close customer service.

We are always striving to improve ourselves and We aim to be people you want to see again.